Child or Keys Locked in Your Car? How to Handle an Emergency Lock Out Situation

Child or Keys Locked in Your Car? How to Handle an Emergency Lock Out Situation
Noting worse than realizing that you locked your keys inside the car, but what even worse is when your child or pet locked inside the vehicle. Small kids unable to get themselves out & pet can’t too. In this situation, here are a few tips you need to follow if you are in the middle of a frustrating lockout situation.

🢂 Check Time

The very first thing that you need to do is to chick the time & see what the clock is it. You need to check your watch to see for how long your kid has been locked inside the vehicle. As the longer he/she stuck, the more dangerous it would be for them.

🢂 Call Emergency Locksmith

Call Car Locksmith Tucson AZ’s emergency service as soon as the doors lock. Our professionals will ask you a few questions to identify how dangerous the situation is as:

•    For how long have they been locked?
•    Is your car running?
•    Where are you?

We can help you to avoid breaking up your window. Our experienced mobile locksmiths will show up in front of you within a few mins no matter where you are. Also, we can give you a car key copy made & spare key to avoid this horrible situation in the future. It will help if you put your trust in our locksmiths.

🢂 Calm Down

If you are freaking out, it won’t do be good for you. It would be best if you calmed down as your kid needs to see you in a good case, or they will freak out too. Try to keep your smile on your face & encourage your kid by playing with him/her games while waiting for help. Keeping them playing and laughing will make them forget about cold or hot weather.

🢂 Cover The Windows

If you can get the help of a nearby locksmith, you need to cover the windows with a blanket or anything to protect the car from the sun if it is hot outside. Make sure to notify your child of what you are doing, or he will feel scared.

🢂 Hide A Spare Key

Make sure that you have a spare car key somewhere to avoid thieves & never put it in an obvious place inside your vehicle. Regardless of where or whom you are going to leave the spare car key with, it is essential to have one. Having a backup plan or someone who will come to unlock your doors while an emergency is so important.

As long as Car Locksmith Tucson AZ’s by your side, we can help you at more than just unlocking your car. We can suggest you Where to keep your spare key & how to avoid being locked out again all that 24/7 daily with quick response and the lowest prices, call now!

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