How To Get Locks Rekeyed?

How To Get Locks Rekeyed?

Do you think about changing out your locks to improve your house’s security level? Start from here with how and when to rekey or replace your locks altogether.

Keys are so heavy, especially if you have a big keychain full of keys for your front door, garage door, mailbox, or car. Carrying all these keys will lead you to waste some of your time trying every day to find the correct key to each door you want to open. If you lost your keychain & felt in the wrong hands, what are you going to do?!

Luckily, our service can give you affordable, accessible, & DIY is rekeying locks solutions that can lighten your way up.

What do Rekey Locks mean?

In rekeying locks, the locksmith removes the springs & pins in the lock cylinder and replaces them with brand-new pins & springs the work only by using a brand-new key. By rekeying your locks, you allow the locksmith to examine the condition & installation of your lock.

Why To Rekey Locks?

For those who prefer to open all their door locks with one single key, this process will be so useful. As you don’t have to carry a full keyring with us, you will lighten it to a few keys that will help you take less time searching for the ideal key.

Also, rekeying locks help you enhance the security measures of your property. If you got a new house, you would never know who has a copy of your keys, whether the contractor or the subcontractor. Of course, you want to make sure that you are the only one who has a copy of your property’s keys.

Commonly, most of the property managers & landlords rekey door locks every time a new resident comes in. Thus, if you have moved into a previously owned home or misplaced your keys, rekeying your locks is the ideal solution to give you the peace of mind that you need.

Can I Rekey The Lock Myself?

Calling a professional locksmith is the perfect option if you want to avoid any damages for your door or lock. You can also take the lock to the locksmith, hardware store, or local lumberyard. You must remove the lock from the door & the key that will open the lock.

In case you can’t find an expert rekeying locks service, you can rekey the lock on your own by using a special rekeying kit. Purchase the essential tools for a single lock or up to 5 locks that match your lock brand. 

Recently, some new lock types offer you rekeying it easily without having to call a professional locksmith. These locks as Schlage & Kwikset are more popular as they follow technology improves.

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